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Collaboration: It's In Our Name

Every IMEC program is a collaborative effort. No one can transform healthcare systems, schools, farms, or communities alone. IMEC is predicated on the principle of collaboration, and our model has been based on this partnership model from the beginning.  Our process connects partners at all levels, from individual healthcare facilities and schools, to USAID, Ministries of Health, Rotary Clubs, Non-governmental, faith-based, civil society and private organizations. 

It truly does take a village.

See a Need: Fill a Need

An IMEC project can start from almost anywhere. All it takes is someone to identify a need within a community.  From there we begin the process of defining that need, connecting the resources, materials and logistics required to fill that need as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.


CHANGEMAKERS are the hands and hearts serving in communities around the world. CHANGEMAKERS act as the hub around which all aspects of an IMEC project are coordinated.  Their work, dedication, and insights into the local community, its customs, and its needs is central to the IMEC process.


MANUFACTURERS stoke the engine of transformation by providing access to the equipment and supplies necessary to impact and change communities from the ground up.


VOLUNTEERS are the fuel that propel us forward. From our warehouse in the United States to every community that welcomes an IMEC solution, volunteers provide essential manpower, skills, and expertise to make each project possible.

Implementing Partners

IMPLEMENTING PARTNERS are the catalyst for change. From NGOs to in-country partners to local governments, hospitals, and clinics – transformation is a group effort. Together our IMPLEMENTING PARTNERS help define needs, secure funding and coordinate the logistics to deliver, install, and maintain solutions in the communities we serve.